Just as our bodies require nourishment to develop properly, we need regular prayer for our spiritual health. Prayer is food for the soul; it deepens the love of God in our hearts and draws us closer to Him.

Bahá’ís in St. John's gather together regularly in each other's homes or in public places to offer prayers and recite Holy Verses. These devotional gatherings can also include uplifting music and song.

Such gatherings serve to awaken spirituality within the participants and promote patterns of community life infused with a spirit of devotion.

There are no rituals at devotional meetings; no single individual has any special role. Meetings consist largely of reading prayers and passages from the Bahá’í sacred texts in an informal yet respectful atmosphere. Bahá’ís sometimes read sacred texts from other religions as well, and we welcome people of all faiths to worship with us.

For information about the devotional gathering nearest to you, call 709-722-6630, email us at bahais.st.johns@gmail.com or contact us on Facebook Messenger.

“There is nothing sweeter in the world of existence than prayer…The most blessed condition is the condition of prayer and supplication.” - ‘Abdu’l-Bahá